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26 - 27 March 2020 - Barcelona

Make your first steps in reactive programming with PHP

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Our commitment

Loop-Run Barcelona is a brand new conference, built on top of some important commitments related to how we understand communities, conferences and open source. each one of them is equally important, and we will make sure that our actions are always in the directions of our values.

  • This is a profit conference. The organization will make some money because of sponsors and tickets. But we understand that this conference would'nt be possible without the work of dozens of people that spend and have spent tons and tons of hours making open source code and building amazing open source libraries. This is why we consider extremely necessary to include all these projects part of the organization as well.
  • Making all these projects part of the organization means that they, as a group, will have the 50% of the profit of the conference.
  • You, as an attendee, once the conference is concluded, and after meeting all these projects because of their exposed presentations, will have the unique opportunity to choose the project that you want your part of the ticket to be donated to. We will enable this option during the days after the conference in a completely transparent way, so stay tuned and follow the instructions.
  • Projects will only be able to access to this donations if they are part of the conference somehow, having a talk or a small lightning talk. If you create an impact to our attendees, they will create an impact to your project. This will be our commitment.
  • Free access tickets raffled by companies, communities, universities or the organization will be excluded of this action.
  • We will consider as profit of the conference all this left money quantity once flights, hotels, the whole venue, all the conference day related stuff, and the calculated work time from the organization members is paid. All this numbers will be published as well.
  • We encourage all conferences on top of open source projects to do the same. Remember that your conferences wouldn't be possible without the work of all these people.
  • We encourage open source maintainers to actively ask for these kind of actions. Open source success is our responsibility.